Wedding Makeup

Every woman dreams of looking very beautiful, elegant and picture perfect in her wedding. There are many different wedding makeup looks to choose from that are certain to make any blushing bride look fresh and romantic – an absolute best version of herself.

Each bride has a unique sense of style that will greatly influence her wedding makeup choices. Whatever wedding makeup choice a bride may prefer, below are some important tips on achieving the best wedding makeup on a bride’s big day.

Wedding Makeup: The Big Day

A bride’s wedding day is the moment when she needs to look her very best, to be the ultimately beautiful version of herself. The aisle that she’ll walk on will be like a red carpet, where all eyes will be on the bride – her dress, her hair, her makeup, her body silhouette- as she walks towards her groom.

That being said, wedding makeup is totally unlike any other makeup. It should be long-lasting and must not come off too quickly, especially since the photographer will have to take a lot of shots pre, during and post wedding.

Application of wedding makeup may take as short as an hour to a couple more, depending on how many products are used for the bridal look. In a wedding makeup, there’s no room for uneven eyeliner or sloppy lipstick shades that fade easily. Each and every element of the wedding makeup must be taken into consideration especially since most photographers are using high definition videos and photos.

Beautiful Wedding Hair

Of course, wedding makeup wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful hairstyle to compliment it. A lot of makeup artists or salons are offering wedding makeup services bundled with hairstyling to make sure that the bride is red carpet ready on her big day.

Long Lasting Wedding Makeup

One important thing to consider for a wedding makeup is its longevity. The wedding ceremony will certainly have a lot of emotional and tear-jerking moments that will most likely test the enduring power of the products used and the setting spray.

Top celebrity makeup artists are constantly sharing their makeup tips and tricks on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and there are three common products that they rely on when it comes to long lasting wedding makeup – primer, powder and setting spray. To make sure that wedding makeup is still in place for video and photo purposes, only trust a reputable makeup artist or salon to provide wedding makeup services for you.

For brides with oily skin, experts in the makeup industry recommend airbrush makeup. Because airbrush makeup is silicone based, it will hold all the colors in very well, allowing brides to look good with their makeup on for a longer period of time.

Fresh Wedding Makeup

A favorite trend in wedding makeup is giving brides all over the world a fresh, sweet and romantic look to perfectly compliment the wedding dress. With everything going around before, during and after the wedding, keeping a wedding makeup fresh can be quite a feat.

There’s no strict rule or formula on how to make a wedding makeup stay and look fresh, but makeup pros have been highlighting the need to use an excellent primer product to ensure that the makeup stays on the bride’s skin.

Brides have their own choices of lipstick shades – nude, red, metallic pink, rosé pink, coral, etc. Makeup artists also recommend lipstick shades for the bride depending on her skin tone to make sure that she looks her best not only on film or on video, but also in person, during the big day.

Spring Wedding Makeup

Many brides love to get married in spring, because the flowers and plants blooming all together seems to be a sign of new beginnings, which is pretty much what weddings are all about. Hence, a spring-themed wedding makeup is also a popular request of bride-to-bes.

Brides who want to play with spring makeup will most likely have bright and fresh colors applied on their face to enhance their facial features. Blushers will play a big role in spring wedding makeup; a natural-hued cream blush topped off with a bright and fresh color of powder blush usually does the trick to keep the cheeks illuminated.

Keeping the colours fresh and bright rather than murky and winter-like is a good call for these coming months. For your spring wedding makeup, why not try two levels of blusher so that it really looks special, the first can be a cream blush which makes it look like a natural hue and top it off with a fresh colour of powder blush to finish. It might also be a good idea to keep the lip liner nude and to give yourself the colour on top which leans more towards your chosen tone such as a subtle pink or a peachy nude for your wedding makeup.

For spring wedding makeup, ditching the cat eyeliner is a common practice and makeup artists focus on giving the eye an elongated kitten-liner effect. For the lashes, the goal is to create a fluttery look for bright, lovely eyes. To create a wedding makeup that’s fresh and appealing, make sure to highlight the parts of the face where the sun would naturally hit to ensure a gold and dewy glow.

Wedding Makeup Booking

Brides just want to look all beautiful and glammed up on their wedding day, and having a makeup artist who understands and considers the bride’s preferences can be considered as a godsend.

On her wedding day, a bride looks into a mirror and wishes to see the perfect lip color, the perfect eye color, the sweetest blush on her cheeks, the subtle yet alluring play of colors on her eyeshadow and brow with a sweep of expertly lined eyeliner.

Of course, this wedding makeup glam isn’t going to achieve itself in a span of one day. There are what most salons refer to as trial looks, where a bride-to-be sits in the makeup chair and discusses her preferred look to her chosen makeup artist. There will also be some experimenting of colors and color swatches to see what hues work best for the bride.

There’s no formula for the perfect wedding makeup, but with the help of a great and professional makeup artist and stylist, achieving the ideal bridal look is not an impossible feat.