Olaplex has become a household name among hair salon goers and professional hair stylists. Used by many hair pros and those who are considered to be an expert in the industry of hair care services, Olaplex is mainly used to support the process of restoring compromised hair. The brand’s website is also talking about Olaplex as another hair service that ultimately provides insurance from hair break and chemical damages.

Cosmetic chemists and personnel in charge of hair coloring recommend and use Olaplex because it is a product that is formulated to protect hair from chemical damage.

Olaplex Protects Hair and Prevents Further Damage

Hair experts have been using Olaplex to keep their client’s hair in optimum condition during a chemical treatment. It is undeniable that during a chemical treatment, the process can really break or damage the hair bond, and using the Olaplex product is the way that hair experts can protect the integrity and color of the hair.

There are instances when clients want to play with not just one color, but many colors, inspired by those rainbow hair or unicorn hair they see on a Facebook video, a YouTube video, an Instagram story, or Twitter photos. Most of the clients who want to play with crazy colors on their hair unfortunately have badly damaged hair, so any kind of hair treatment or service will be quite tricky to handle.

Olaplex hits home by not only protecting the hair and the bond/strands from the process of getting the desired color, it also prevents further breakage and damage. The job of Olaplex is to maintain the health of the hair despite all the chemical coloring that’s going on in the molecular level of the hair. Olaplex maintains the beauty of the hair and makes it stronger, shinier and healthier while mending previous damage and breakage.

Because of the intensive repair properties of Olaplex, it is considered to be a bonder as it reforms disulfide bonds that make up the hair. When a hair is over-bleached, the bond that spreads over the hair may become shattered, damaged or fragmented which may need intensive repair and treatment. With Olaplex, a client can enjoy the beauty of colored hair and have bleach applied on the hair far longer without needing to break or rinse it off.

Olaplex: Three Part System

Customers who often shop at Sephora may be familiar with the Olaplex brand or product because there are actually bottles of Olaplex being sold in the said store. However, the Olaplex bottles being sold at Sephora are actually the third step of a three-part system. The first and second steps, which contain bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate as its primary active ingredient, are used or applied at salons. The chemistry of the first and second step repairs the broken disulfide hair bonds. Below are some information on each Olaplex steps:

Olaplex #1 Bond Multiplier

-Water solution of bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate active
-applied in the salon to repair the damaged hair
-can also be added directly to the permanent dye solution used in the hair-coloring process

Olaplex #2 Bond Perfector

-still contains bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate but in smaller amounts combined with variety of conditioning agents
-also applied in the salon

Olaplex #3 Hair Perfector

-considered as post-coloring conditioner treatment
-the Olaplex product you see in stores
-contains the smallest amount of the active ingredient combined with an assortment of conditioning agents.

Does Olaplex Add More Time to the Coloring Process?

For clients who are wondering if Olaplex adds time to the coloring process, the answer is no. The #1 Olaplex Bond Multiplier can be mixed directly to the bleach or color while #2 Olaplex Bond Perfector can be applied and left on the hair for about 20 minutes once the color or bleach is washed off.

If ever the hair feels rough or hard during this step, an intensive moisturizing conditioner can help soften the hair strands that may end up feeling crispy from all the protein that’s infused into the hair.

Is Olaplex Effective in Treating Damage From Bleaching?

Every professional and expert in the hair community knows that bleaching is harder on the bonds of the hair than any hair process or treatment imaginable. Fortunately, a product like Olaplex offers a formula that expertly repairs the damaged bonds.

The bleaching process is expected to directly affect the disulfide bond of the hair and will push it to maximum fragility, making it prone to split ends and severe damage. Olaplex will help in repairing and protecting the broken hair bonds, leaving the hair in a healthy and beautiful condition after the process.
However, it is worth noting that Olaplex treatment isn’t just for treating damage from hair bleaching. Clients who just get a perm or use heat-styling a lot can still enjoy the beautiful effects of Olaplex. In fact, Olaplex is also used with perm solutions to help in restructuring the disulfide bond of the hair.

Olaplex can also rebuild the broken hair bonds even by being used as a standalone hair treatment. By standalone, we mean that Olaplex is used without any bleach or color products.

Olaplex #1 Bond Multiplier can just be diluted with water and applied on the hair for five minutes while

Olaplex #2 Bond Perfector can be left on for 20 minutes for soft, beautiful, hair and stronger hair.