The hair industry is one of the booming businesses in perhaps any location in the world- and why wouldn’t it be? Men and women need to look great and visiting the hair salon is one of the trusted ways to maintain one’s physical appearance and look beautiful and well-groomed. Aside from the basic haircut and styling that hair salons offer, there’s also one hair service that’s very popular among women – the blowout.

If you want to be like those celebrities and influencers who publish “just woke up” videos and selfies on their social media page sans the lioness hair or frizzy hair do’s, a perfect salon blowout may just be the answer to your problems. Whether you want to cop that look from a fashion model in Paris or that sweet volume of locks from that TV series you’re currently watching, a hair blowout may just be the answer.

What is a Blowout?

There are lots of videos available online showing people how to perform a DIY blowout. Yes, following a video may save you a few bucks and a visit to the hair salon, but the result just isn’t the same with a professional salon blowout.

Technically, blowout hair treatments aren’t considered to be contemporary hair services In fact, this has been around for decades but as the hair industry has evolved, so has the definition of a hair blowout. In simple terms, a hair blowout is a salon service that is considered as the art of drying hair after it has been washed to get sleek and smooth results. The main twist of a blowout is that it doesn’t really use any other tools like flat iron or curling iron.

How Does a Blowout Work?

Salons offer different blowout styles, from traditional blowout to hairstyles from an old Hollywood film or TV show. While different salons may offer different blowout styles, below are the 7 basic steps for a basic hair blowout:
The hair of a client will be prepped with a wash using shampoo and conditioner products with intense conditioning.

After the hair is rinsed, it will be towel-dried to get rid of any excess moisture.

Conditioning products will be applied on the hair to get rid of tangles and other hair problems.

The hair will then be sectioned to neatly separate strands and to avoid leaving any dents.

This step is the blow dryer’s time to shine; coupled with a round ceramic brush, hair stylists can apply their learned technique in ensuring to minimize frizz and give clients the style of their choice.

The last step of the signature blowout is commonly referred to as the “cool shot” which is used to set the hair and to lock in shine and style.

High-quality hair products will then be applied on to the hair to give a picture perfect effect, paired with texture and soft dimensions.

Is Blowout Good For The Hair?

Hair-conscious individuals might be asking if they can safely get a blowout without drying out their hair. To put it simply, a blow dryer doesn’t get as hot as ironing tools, so hair stylists can easily achieve a hairstyle without drilling the hair with so much damage.

Although blowouts are putting your hair at less risk compared to flat irons and curling irons, make sure to put an interval in between blowouts to avoid putting your hair under excessive heat damage. Remember, blow dryers still produce heat and the hair can just take too much heat in a short span of time.

Are Blowouts Better Than Flat Ironing?

Technically, blowouts are better than flat ironing if you’re into hair volume and bounce. One of the best features of a hair blowout is that it can make the hair look thicker after one session. The roots of the hair are also given more volume which results toa hair that looks healthier and more vibrant. Keep in mind that a blowout takes more time than other hair styling services (flat iron, curling iron, etc.) so if you’re in a hurry, you might need to re-think your blowout appointment.

How Long Does a Blowout Last?

A blowout can last and hold its shape or style anywhere from 3-5 days, depending on the thickness and texture of the hair. If you plan to treat yourself to regular blowouts, give your hair some time for training until it adapts to the style and shape. Each time you get a blowout, it may last a little bit longer than the previous one and this is the sign that your hair has been adapting to the blowout sessions.

In terms of making the blowout last longer, try to use dry shampoos and conditioners to help absorb oils and other residue while ensuring that your hair remains clean in between blowout services.

When to Get a Blowout?

You can get a blowout whenever you want. Whether you’re going to go on a date or go as a guest to a special or formal occasion or a company party, you can always count on a hair blowout to pump up the glam and give your overall look a boost.

Visit your preferred salon’s website or Facebook page to inquire about their hair blowout services or schedule an appointment in a location that’s convenient or nearest to you. You can also check the portfolio or social media posts of your top local hair salons so you can be updated whenever they publish new “hairspirations” or hair blowout bundles.