When balayage was introduced into the industry of hair styling, it was considered to be a game changer that provided more than just solutions for dull, boring, hair. The hair application technique was adapted by professional and expert in hair styling, and was embraced by celebrities, pop artists and socialites. Balayage hair color was really a game changer for men and women. The balayage hair color trend is considered to be one of the cutting edge, fashionable techniques that stylists offer to a client who is in love with light, natural effects on their hair.

In most products or posters showing balayage hair color, models in a photo can be seen sporting colored hair (blonde, red, brown, etc.) with soft and natural gradation. Balayage was considered to be the closest to nature when it comes to its hair color effects and at its peak, it was the trend that almost every A-list celebrity wanted to get on board with.

What is Balayage?

First things first, balayage comes from the French word that means “to paint” or ” to sweep.” In terms of hair color, it is a sun-kissed, natural-looking hair color, pretty much the same with how children’s hair color hues look like.

For balayage, the color is swept through the hair in small, triangular sections onto a foil or board, resulting in a seamless, flawless blend of the chosen highlights of the client and their natural hair color.

The Perfect Balayage Hair

There are a lot of YouTube reviews and video in social media showcasing the basics of balayage and different kinds of balayage on different hair colors. Bottomline is, a perfect balayage is achieved when the strands of the hair are very soft and close at the root leading to a thicker highlight towards the ends of the hair. Of course, this can be achieved with a perfect combination of the right product and professional hairstylists with an expert and reputable background in the industry.

Learning the techniques how to achieve the perfect balayage takes a lot of skills and time spent in a hair school or hair academy. Of course, the schooling is worth it once the hairstylist sees the satisfied looks on his or her client after seeing the perfect balayage. Proper schooling is also needed to ensure that the client’s hair is at its best condition and to prevent damage from miscalculated hair product mixtures.

Celebrities only trust their hair with professional hairstylists and so should you. The hair is a person’s crowning glory, and whether you have blonde, brown, or red hair, you deserve to be treated like an A-list client in our salon.

The Proper Balayage Technique

Unlike other traditional hair color techniques, where clients had to sit for a long time with their head in foils, balayage is applied to the surface section until the very tips, to achieve very soft, sun kissed colors, like paint. If you’re all in for this kind of color on your hair, it’s high time to set that balayage hair appointment with a professional hairstylist.

How To Tell If Your Balayage Has Gone Wrong

Taking from this French hair coloring technique, the perfect balayage is expected to make the ends of your hair lighter than the roots in a soft, beautiful, transition of hues. If the right hair products aren’t used, or if a certain product is rinsed too quickly, the color on the hair may not lift properly, making it look orange.

This is the first sign that the balayage has gone wrong. You need to make sure that the salon you’re going to is a reputable one, with a team of hairstylists who are not only competent but with good customer service as well. Salon visits should be fun and relaxing, not stressful and overwhelming.

Using bleach on hair is tricky and the person who is applying it must be an expert and know when exactly is the right time to take it off. Professional hairstylists also need to know that the usage of bleach depends on hair color and hair type of a client. A patchy balayage is a telltale sign of wrong product application and placement. If you think that your balayage looks patchy, don’t be hesitant to report it to the hairstylist so it can be remedied before you leave the salon.

Remember, balayage is an art and it needs a lot of skill and effort to achieve a perfect balayage. Make sure that you acquire the services of a professional because even if you watch dozens of YouTube videos or Instagram tutorials, it would be very difficult to achieve the soft, paint-like shades of balayage in your hair – take our word for it.

Balayage Gone Wrong – What To Do?

Nobody’s really perfect, so there’s really a chance that your balayage may not come out as what you expected. The process is not really a walk on the beach but don’t fret because it can be fixed.

The correction process may involve a color correction, but it needs to be thoroughly assessed by a professional hairstylist, depending on the damage. It could also involve many other techniques such as toning down, applying a “roots” melt or actually starting over again on the hair of a client. However, there is a need to assess the hair quality of client – if it’s too bombarded with chemicals, there might be a need to take a rest and have the client return after a few weeks.

Why Is Balayage Better Than Other Hair Color Techniques?

Balayage is a crowd favorite because it works well with whatever hair color you have – blonde, strawberry blonde, brown, brunette – it’s open to an individual’s variance of hair tones and natural hair growth patterns. Because of this, maintenance is also pretty easy, requiring less visits to hair salons. You can use shampoos that are recommended for colored or lighter hair to prolong the vibrancy of the hair dye.

The beauty of balayage greatly depends on your hairstylist since it’s a freehand or hand-painted technique. This is why it’s very important that you, as a client, choose a professional service that has a great portfolio and satisfied clients who availed of their balayage hair services. The beauty of balayage greatly depends on the hand that creates it, so you really need to choose wisely!

Does Balayage Work on Gray Hair?

For those who are wondering if balayage works on gray hair, the answer is yes! There are clients who are hesitant at first to try out balayage because it might not work for gray hair, but the truth of the matter is, balayage works for almost any hair color.

In fact, balayage is considered to be a smart solution for gray hair because it allows the hair colorist to zero in on the target gray strands without actually touching the scalp. It’s also easier on the client’s hair in general because it takes out the need to a single process just to cancel out a few gray or silver hair strands.