The hair is a person’s crowning glory – it’s one of the very first features that gets noticed, aside from the many other facial or physical attributes. A haircut makes or breaks a person’s facial features – the eye shape, jawline, nose bridge, etc., can either be highlighted or downplayed by a haircut. A haircut can be likened to a mask – it either suits you or it turns you in a totally different person.

A haircut, also known as a hairdo or hairstyle,technically refers to the styling of the hair on the human scalp. A haircut can also be considered as a part of personal grooming, cosmetics and fashion. It is worth noting that a haircut can also be influenced by cultural or historical norms in some countries.

Hair stylist’s know the value of a great hairstyle, especially for women. A bad haircut or a hairstyle gone wrong will surely mask the facial assets of men and women. In the past, haircuts were based on photos of models in magazines and posters. Fast forward to now, people can freely browse through photos on social media and other websites to look for hairstyle inspirations. Finding a good hair stylist in your city is a pleasure, knowing that you can have a reliable stylist to spruce up your look with stylish cuts anytime. Whether you need a new look or just want to keep your hair healthy with a regular trim, one quick call for an appointment with your trusted hairstylist is the best thing to do.

Haircutting, otherwise known as hair trimming, is intended to either create or maintain a specific form of shape of the hair. Basically, anyone can trim their own hair but the results are just way too different when a professional hairstylist or an expert hair cutter holds the scissors. For complicated hair cuts, it takes expert skills to maintain symmetry and aesthetics and get desired results.

Hair cutting is usually done with razors, scissors or hair clippers. Hair grips and combs are also utilized to separate section(s) of hair which is then trimmed. Getting regular haircuts is also known to be good for the hair, removing the split-ends or broken ends and maintaining a healthy, lustrous look.

Throughout the ages, people have worn their hair in different styles, mostly determined by the fashions and norms of the culture they live in. In the past, hairstyles, haircuts and hair in general are signifiers or markers of age, social class, racial identification, political beliefs, marital status and attitudes about gender. For cultural or religious reasons, some people may opt to cover their hair partially or totally.

Widely known examples of this include married women in Haredi Judaism who wear the sheitel, women in Islam wearing the hijab to cover their hair, Tuareg women who wear veils, and baptized men and women in Sikhism who wear dastar to cover their hair. Throughout the years, men and women had different haircuts, depending on the trend and what was considered as fashionable and acceptable. Bottomline is, haircuts were and are still considered to be “markers” of facial assets and a big contributor to an individual’s facial market value.

Today, men and women can choose from a wide selection of haircuts and hairstyles, depending on their unique preferences and lifestyle. There are haircuts for thin hair, cool asymmetrical haircuts, super-flattering bob haircuts, shoulder-length haircuts, low-maintenance haircuts and cuts for wavy, curly or pin-straight hair. With the advanced art of hairstyling being offered by salons today, getting your desired haircut and hair style is just a phone call, a booking, and an appointment away.

In most parts of the world, women whose hair don’t appear to be well-groomed or maintained and men with long, seemingly uncombed hair may face different forms of social discrimination such as workplace discrimination, social shaming or harassment. This is why getting a good haircut with a trusted hair stylist is really important. Sporting a good haircut that suits you is considered to be a good investment and you’ll get lots of benefits in return. The common cliche “When you look good, you feel good” is totally applicable in sporting a great haircut. It ultimately boosts self-esteem and confidence, improves one’s mood and is an overall health booster.

Slicked Back Undercut + Long BeardA common notion is that men’s hair is easier to cut than women’s hair- but is that really the truth? While men’s hair is usually short and uncomplicated, navigating through a men’s hair is actually as intricate as doing a women’s haircut. Short hair for fashionable men was a product of the Neoclassical movement and while the majority of men are still sporting short hairstyles, there are also an increasing number of males who are sporting long, braided or weaved hair.

An awkward haircut is a disaster that is hard to mask which is why men also need to find a good hairstylist that’s near their place or city. Getting a bad haircut can be a real nightmare and the disastrous cut can be quite hard to mask.

Some of the popular haircuts for men include the ff:

High Skin Fade + Hard Part Comb Over
Thick Curly Hair + High Bald Taper Fade
Crew Cut + High Fade and Full Beard
High Skin Pompadour + Beard
Textured Top + Taper Fade and Beard
Buzz Cut + Fade

It’s not big news that women love to groom and pamper themselves. In fact, one of their favorite downtime activities is to go and get a haircut. For every event or occasion, whether it’s a breakup, engagement, bridal shower, wedding, family reunion or whatnot, women usually give their hairstylist a call for a haircut or a trim. When a celebrity is trending, whether it’s the Kardashians or Jennifer Aniston, popular search trends almost always include their current haircut or hairstyle.

In fact, women have long been including getting a haircut as one of their health and wellness activities, also referred to as “me time.” Some women get a haircut or hair treatment(keratin treatment, hair mask, hot oil) every other weekend, some get it every month while some need to go to the salon every couple of months, depending on their needs.

There are great hair stylists in every city and each has their own portfolio (photos of finished products) posted in their website or social media accounts (e.g Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,etc). This makes it easier for the hair stylists to promote their business or service while reaching out virtually to their target market. Potential clients can simply search for “nearby hairstylists” to get a list of haircut services near them.

Some of the popular haircuts for women include the ff.:
Chin-Length Layered Bob
Rounded Bob with Long Bangs
Short, Beachy Waves
Long, Deep Side Part
Shattered Pixie Cut
Sharp A-Line Bob

Bang Trimming

Bangs, otherwise referred to as a fringe, are locks or strands of hair that fall over the scalp’s front hairline to cover the forehead. It usually rests just above the eyebrows and can range from various lengths.

Some people prefer to have wispy bangs while some also like to cut their bangs straight, or shaped in an arc, layered or ruffled. Bangs are notorious for making or breaking a hairstyle. Side bangs, full bangs, wispy bangs – these are just some of the popular bang trims.

Why It’s Important to Invest in a Good Haircut?

Some would say that getting a haircut regularly is expensive and not really worthwhile. However, if one is seriously taking into consideration the “look good, feel good” mantra, getting a good haircut from a reputable hair stylist is definitely worth the time and money. Just like financial securities and assets, knowing a good hairstylist who can give you a good haircut can be considered as a great investment.

If you’ve been sporting the same old boring haircut for a number of years and you feel like you need to spruce things up, you can start looking for flattering haircuts on the internet. Aside from a simple search on the internet, social media can be a great source of haircut inspirations and haircut ideas.

If you’re a traveller or always going on business trips, you’re lucky if your favorite hair salon or hair stylist has branches in several locations. This way, whether you’re in Chicago, Washington or New York, you can be confident that you’ll be getting pretty much the same kind of service from the establishment.

However, you can always resort to Plan B and keep a list of highly-recommended or trusted hair stylists in different places or locations that you can easily call for an appointment. You can search the internet for a local hair salon with good reviews or ask your friends and family for recommendations.

How To Determine The Perfect Haircut For You?

Each facial feature is unique and a haircut that looks good on someone else might not look as flattering on another. That being said, getting a bunch of flattering haircut ideas for you is one of the primary steps on achieving the perfect haircut. You can search for celebrities who you think have the same hair texture or facial shape as you and get haircut ideas. You can also look for ideas in traditional media like in the news or in magazines.

You can determine the perfect, flattering haircut for you by considering your hair type (curly, straight, wavy, etc.), your hair texture (thin, thick, soft, frizzy, etc.), and your facial shape (round, oval, heart-shaped, square, etc.). Of course, it’s quite hard to go through these stuff by yourself, and that’s why haircut experts exist. Professional hairstylists will be more than happy to discuss and share their suggestions so you can achieve the perfect haircut. That being said, if you’re greatly considering getting a new haircut or just a maintenance trim, don’t hesitate to call your preferred hair salon or hair stylist so you can start snipping towards a brand new, more confident you!