Hair Color

The practice or process of changing the hair color is called hair coloring or hair dyeing. The main existence of hair color is for cosmetic purposes – to cover white or gray hair, to switch to a hair color that is regarded as trendy, fashionable or desirable (ex. Brunette to blonde, black to ash brown, etc.) or to restore the original hair color after it has undergone hair dressing processes or sun bleaching.

To achieve a successful hair color change, it is highly recommended to seek the services of an expert or a professional hairdresser using the proper haircare tool and products to get desired results. Hair coloring can be done in salons or in a hairstylist’s shop or at the comfort of a client’s home. The important thing is that it’s done by a professional in order to achieve beautiful hair that is healthy and worth a second look.

Hair color trends are very popular nowadays, thanks to a lot of celebrity, both men and women, who are promoting or showing off different hair colors in their Facebook and Instagram accounts. There is also a current hair color trend where consumers are patronizing DIY hair color. Thanks to the wide selection of available hair color in the market, from bold hair color (pink, purple, blue) to tame and natural colors (brown, blonde, gray), consumers are tempted to color their own hair at the comfort of their own home.

What is the Best Hair Color 2020?

According to Cosmopolitan, brown hair is going to be a trend. However, it’s not just all about flat browns – you can give the color some depth by going for rich, deep, chocolate shades of browns. Stylists can also add in lighter shades of brown and highlights combined with full body waves to prevent the color from looking dull and flat. Vibrant red hair is also envisioned to be a hot, trendy hair color for 2020.

For beautiful hair color that will surely get you a lot of compliments, don’t hesitate to call a professional hairstylist or visit their web site to get an appointment. Remember, your hair is your crowning glory and investing in a good hairstylist will not only give you healthy, beautiful hair but an overall makeover as well.

Hair Highlights

One of the popular ways to enhance hair color, mask gray or white hairs, or spruce up a boring hairstyle is by using hair highlights. Additionally, hair highlights can also enhance your tan, skin color or bring out your eye color. Of course, just like hair color, it would be best to seek the services of a professional hairstylist who uses trusted products and brands for their styling services. This way, the hair can still be healthy and vibrant even after certain medicines and chemicals have been applied to it.

Full Head Highlights

From the name itself, full highlights are hair highlights that wrap all around and commonly referred to by hair stylist’s as “full head highlights.” Highlights work on almost any hair color, from blonde, gray, brunette, jet black, etc.

Men also like to play with their looks and go for either subtle highlights or bold, eye-catching tools. Expert hair stylists can produce awesome full head highlights with professional products and a preferred styling brand and tool to achieve healthy looking, colored hair.

Half Head Highlights

Half head highlights, also known as partial highlights are usually applied for a framing, sculpting or brightening effect, all for the sake of beauty. The natural hair color will usually be around the nape of the neck or peeking through from the back. A half head highlight is considered to be more extensive and detailed. Professional hair stylists learn about the art of applying half head highlights to make sure that the price their clients pay is well worth it.

Partial Highlights

The service for partial highlights are considered to be quite similar with half head highlights. However, it’s quite tamer and easier to process. Also referred to as a “mohawk” highlight in some salons, partial highlights are ideal for freshening up colors and shades in the hair partings of women and men.

Mini Highlights

Mini highlights, also known as babylights are recommended for people who want to lighten their locks without making a major color change or commitment. It creates natural, almost child-like highlights through the hair, giving a look that’s fresh, soft and subtle. You can ask your professional hairstylist to keep the color just one to two shades lighter than your natural hair color if you want to sport a natural look.

Hair Gloss

A hair gloss is technically a hair treatment to boost shine for colored-strands. The intended result of a hair gloss treatment is longer-lasting and vibrant hair color, regardless of whether you have platinum, red, purple or brown hair. This treatment also reduces dryness, split ends and frizziness. Depending on the type, hair gloss treatments can also be used to tone hair color. While there are some shampoo for consumers who want to prolong the vibrancy of their hair color, visits to salons still make a big difference because of their personalized care and best interest for their customers.


Toner for the hair is used to neutralize orange tones and brassy yellow on bleacher hair. Usually, it is tinted purple-blue but when it is applied to bleached hair, it turns the hair into an ashy, platinum or dusty color. For short, toner makes artificial hair color more natural-looking.


Balayage comes from the French word that means “sweep”, as in to sweep on a hair lightener to produce beautiful, attractive highlights.The beauty of balayage greatly depends on the skills, artistry and technique of the professional hairstylist, as it is the technique of free-hand painting of highlights on the hair. A balayage is aimed to create a soft, natural gradation of lightness from the roots towards the ends.